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Coaching & Mentoring

'One on one' and small group coaching and development


...the key to success is not whom you have worked for but whom you have worked with – and whom you are still in touch with.

Daniel Goleman, Working With Emotional Intelligence, 1998


There are times when individuals or teams need a helping hand that is tailored to their specific perceived needs.

Sometimes, half the battle is actually identifying the need itself, and offering remedial help. The key is to recognise that people differ enormously in their background, culture, mindset, personality and skill set, and to acknowledge that a task which is easy for one person may seem like an almost insurmountable hurdle to another.

Take for example the challenge of renewing the acquaintance of a contact you have not been in touch with for five years. Would you find it easy? How would you go about it? What would you say? What about negotiating with a customer whose business you just can't afford to lose? Have you identified what pressures they are under rather than just considering your own position? Do you need someone with an external viewpoint who can help you see the bigger picture?

Making cold calls is a task which is loved by some and hated by others. But what if you hate it but need to be able to do it well and effectively as part of your job? And what about the dreaded speech or presentation that just has to be delivered right first time?

There are times when we all need a helping hand, another set of eyes and ears or just someone to bounce ideas off.

If you have a specific issue that relates to networking, presentation, business calls or negotiation, I'd be happy to chat about a bespoke proposal together for 'one on one' or small group coaching on an hourly, sessional or project basis.

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