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Guest Speaking

Need a Speaker, Chair or Panellist for your Event?


My wide ranging corporate communications, entrepreneurial and journalistic experience makes me a good choice as a Chair or Facilitator for your event. I'm widely acknowledged to have excellent presentation and speaking skills and on many occasions have demonstrated my ability to control and direct debate, and to encourage discussion and audience contribution.

I can speak on networking, negotiation or communications related topics to fit a typical conference slot.   I can also participate as a panellist for debates and discussions on these and wider topics.

My portfolio of 'masterclass' conference slot presentations are complete in their own right, providing thought provoking and entertaining material. Titles include:

Outer Mongolia Or Bust! - Harnessing the power of your network
Pleased To Meet You - The power of first impressions
Negotiation For Nice People
Relative Power- What it is, how to get it and how not to throw it away
Social Media- Is it enough to let your fingers do the walking?

To get a sense of my presentation style, click on the video clip below of me presenting at an informal 'after dinner' session for Durham Executive MBA students.

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