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As a science, medicine & technology writer and occasional broadcaster, I've contributed to numerous media outlets including The Independent, The Times, Sunday Times, BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5, Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Newsline, Flight International and numerous others.

Back in the mists of time I was shortlisted for BT Technology Journalist of the Year 1997 and Aerospace Journalist of the Year 2002. In April 2004, I was awarded a ‘Certificate of Achievement’ by North Carolina Chamber of Commerce. In Dec 2011, I received the Beattie Award for RAF Journalism.

Most of this material- especially newspaper stuff- sits in ring binders as it's either too big for the scanner or too thin to scan legibly, but I'm gradually moving my archive on to the web, so you'll find a selection of material in pdf format below. I still write features for the 'Northumbrian' magazine and others whenever an interesting topic presents itself and there's an obvious crossover with my copywriting activities for those who want to get their stories into print.

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