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Your voice part in The Citizen was a highlight of that mod and I know from feedback from the gaming community that your voice acting is one reason why so many people found Random Quest so engaging. You brought real life to that character and you’re as responsible as me for that mod's success.

Chris Fox, game designer & author


Let's face it, there are a lot of middle class, white, BBC english speaking actors out there doing voiceover work, so why would anyone need me?

One answer might be that my background in communicating science, medicine and technology means that not only do I (probably!) understand the material I'm delivering, but I pronounce all those difficult medical and technical terms correctly too. And 'BBC english' remains the voice of choice for a credible, authoritative delivery.

My voice has been heard presenting and fronting packages for 'Science in Action' on the BBC World Service, on travel programme 'Breakaway' on BBC Radio Four and on BBC Radio Five.

I'm happy to deliver scripts 'verbatim', but you'll get the best value out of me by working with me to check the supplied script for sense, tongue twisters, emphasis and pace. If there's not yet a script, I'm happy to do the copywriting part of the project too.

You won't want me for a reality TV show, but you might find me useful for a medical device launch or instructional video. You might even have heard me in a couple of online games or even narrating a series of Flight Simulator tutorials.

Click on the graphics below for samples of my v/o work.

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