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Negotiation Skills

Understanding Negotiation

A business skill you shouldn't be without


...there was a common feeling [among employers] that business schools are still not doing enough to develop ...softer skills.


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  • Do you just try to 'split the difference' when agreeing a price with someone?

  • Do you make concessions too quickly and wish you hadn't?

  • Do you ever feel embarrassed about offering too little, or asking too much?

  • Do you ever feel 'railroaded' into accepting a proposition that isn't what you really want?


Some people are natural negotiators. Most of us aren't, and tend to fall back into traits learnt as far back as childhood. Whether in the hard-headed business environment of a multi-million pound deal or simply agreeing a fee with the plumber, we tend to be held back by the risk of embarrassment, the need to conform and the fear of failure... but the reality is that  the techniques to deal with these apparently different situations can be much the same once you understand the underlying psychological dynamics and biases that drive them.

Through the use of anecdote, example and interaction, I'll demonstrate the strategies and tactics that can help you in any negotiating situation. There is ample opportunity for 'role play' to try out these techniques and approaches in a safe, supportive environment. We can also discuss and help resolve any issues attendees may have relating to specific negotiation situations, such as a supplier agreement or contract renewal.

Who should attend? Anybody who needs to negotiate with:

  • Customers and suppliers

  • Staff and colleagues

  • Licensees and licensors

  • Sale, Merger or Acquisition targets

A typical workshop covers the following topics:

  • Why good negotiation skills are crucial to modern life

  • Price isn't the only thing open to discussion

  • Keeping your friends close and your opponents closer

  • Strategies for negotiation

  • Choosing the right tools for the situation

  • Non-verbal communication in negotiation

  • You can negotiate any time, any place, anywhere

At the end of the session participants will:

  • Be better equipped to conduct more successful negotiations

  • Understand why negotiation is a core business skill

  • Recognise what can and can't be negotiated

  • Appreciate the concept of 'relative power'

  • Know how and when to use a variety of negotiating gambits

Participants receive a comprehensive workshop manual and post-event email and telephone support. Pricing depends on what you want, where you want it, when, and for how many. As a starting point, please contact me to discuss what you're trying to achieve and we can take it from there.

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