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It used to be horribly expensive to publish a book, so that if you didn't have the backing of a publisher, your only way into print was what used to be dismissively called 'vanity publishing'- printing a run of books at great expense and storing them in the loft.

But the advent of 'Print on Demand' has changed the face of the publishing industry and the arrival of the 'Kindle' and similar devices is changing what, how and where we read.

So with publishers now seemingly interested only in celebrity authors, it makes more sense than ever to publish and promote your own book.

We know how the various parts of the 'Print on Demand' jigsaw go together, so can offer everything from friendly advice to copywriting (or preferably copy editing) and project management to help you get your book on to Amazon in print and/or ebook form. 

Our first titles are 'Salt in the Blood' and 'The Network Effect' (published by Management Advantage).  Click on the cover graphic of each to see them on Amazon.

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