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Many thanks for an excellent session: I came away thoroughly enthused and have already put some techniques into practice at a wedding I attended at the weekend. 

Phil Ion, Henley Management College

I found your workshop informative, interesting and fun. It was a day well spent. Thank you.

Alex McBarnet, Edinburgh University Management School

Thank you for one of the best one day sessions I have ever attended. No boredom and no post-lunch letdown.

Martin Stevens, Unimatic Engineers Ltd

Martin Stevens, Unimatic Engineers Ltd

The session was insightful and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am now confident that I can organise and be part of a successful network.

Mahip Singh, MBA Bath Business School

The course was an excellent wake up call to the importance of networking and reminded me how lax I have been in maintaining relationships.

Neil Kilbey, MBA (Cranfield), FCCA

One of the best Personal Development courses I have been on.

Charlotte Patrick, MBA Henley Management College

Thank you for a most practical and instructive day. I surprised myself how easy I found it to talk with people but lacked the introduction and exit confidence to do the middle bit. I have been to two very different functions since, a football tournament and a launch party, and enjoyed them all the more for feeling confident to just talk.

Paul Mady, director of a major digital media consultancy

Paul Mady, director of a major digital media consultancy

Judith and Tony maintain that the networking skills they teach aren't rocket science.....but refreshing those skills is essential in giving us a competitive edge in business development, especially in the current economic climate.

Peter Sheppard, Partner, Commercial Litigation / Dispute Resolution, Nabarro Nathanson

Tony and Judith's advice about building rapport on the telephone has made a huge difference in my job hunt. I'm now much more successful at achieving my goals with each and every call.

Richard Howard, MBA Said Business School

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I learnt a lot and met some interesting people. I've had two e-mails from other course participants since and I'll be meeting one of them for coffee next week!!

Anne Evison, Director, Organisational Edge

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